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Do You Know Who You Are Hiring

You found the perfect candidate.  Impressive resume, a long list of qualifications, a perfect interview. You have everything you need to make an informed hiring decision except for…the facts.

That’s where we come in.  We separate the facts from fiction so you don’t have to.  Anyone can arrive at an interview and give a good presentation, but do you really know who you are hiring?

Statistics prove that countless lawsuits, theft, crimes, and other harmful occurrences happen because an employer failed to take one important step:  background research.  Your company and resources are valuable.  We understand the pertinence of safeguarding your company and protecting its integrity.

We provide accurate background information for employers and many other type of companies, utilizing accuracy and dependable turnaround times.

Our information is derived from various respectable sources. These include the specific county, state, or federal agency necessary, with the balance obtained from other industry based sources. We only use suppliers that have proven accurate track records that are reputable within their field of research.

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