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Terms and Definitions

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Kangaroo Court
A Court that has no legal authority and that disregards all the rights normally afforded to persons; its conclusions are not legally binding. This is a slang term referring to a court that is biased against a party and thus renders an unfair verdict or judgment.
Unlawful carrying away of a person against his or her will; false imprisonment coupled with removal of the victim to another place. Kidnapping was only a misdemeanor in common law, but is a serious felony in the United States.
King's Bench (Queen's Bench)
Court of King's Bench of Court of Queen's Bench (depending on the reigning monarch); the highest English common law court, both civil and criminal, so called because the king and queen formerly presided; now known as the King's Bench or Queen's Bench Division of the High Court of Justice, embracing the jurisdiction of the former Court Exchequer and Courts of Common Pleas.