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Terms and Definitions

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An intentional and voluntary surrender of some known right, which generally may either result from an express agreement or be inferred from circumstances.
One of the sections into which a town is divided for educational or election purposes.
Ward Of The Court
A person whom the law regards is incapable of managing his or her own affairs, and over whom or over whose property a guardian is appointed.
A written order from a competent authority directing the doing of a certain act, especially one directing the arrest of a person or persons, issued by a court, body or official.
An assurance by one party to a contract of the existence of a fact upon which the other party may rely, intended to relieve the promisee of any duty to ascertain the fact for himself or herself, and which amounts to a promise to indemnify the promisee for any loss if the fact warranted proves untrue.
White-Collar Crime
A catch-all phrase connoting a variety of frauds, schemes and commercial offenses by business persons, confidence men and public officials; includes a broad range of nonviolent offenses that have cheating as the central element. Consumer fraud, bribery, and stock manipulation are other examples of white-collar crime.
A person's declaration of how he desires his property to be disposed of after his death. A will may also contain other declarations of the testator's desires as to what is to be done after he dies so long as it disposes of some property.
With Prejudice
A final and binding decision by a judge about a legal matter that prevents further pursuit of the same matter in any court. When a judge makes such a decision, he dismisses the matter "with prejudice".
1. One who gives evidence in a cause before a court and who attests or swears to facts or gives testimony under oath. 2. To observe the execution of, as that of an instrument, or to sign one's name to it to authenticate it (attest it).
In certain states, the name of a crime that can be either a misdemeanor or a felony because the judge in that state has the power to impose a sentence of less than a year (making the crime a misdemeanor), or more than a year, (making the crime a felony).
A legal order issued by an authority and in the name of the state to compel a person to do something therein mentioned. It is issued by a competent tribunal, and is directed to the sheriff or other officer authorized to execute it. In every case the writ itself contains directions for doing what is required.
Writ Of Execution
A routine court order by which the court attempts to enforce the judgment granted a plaintiff by authorizing a sheriff to seize the property belonging to the debtor to satisfy the judgment obtained by the creditor.