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We stand for Integrity.  We stand for Accuracy.  We stand for Honesty.

Lawsuits Can Cost Companies Millions...Not To Mention the Damage it Causes to Their Reputation.



We employ professional, experienced, friendly personnel that handle your needs as promptly as possible.   Our reports are available in two different formats, with most information coming directly from the courthouses.  We have a very thorough technique for obtaining all types of verification information along with expedient turnaround times.  There are never any signup fees or monthly minimums to meet.  We have accurate, easy to read detailed billing information with turnaround time for reports averaging one to three days.  Remember, it is more beneficial for your company to use a “third party” to perform the searches, instead of “in house”, to avoid future liability or conflict of interest that could harm your companies well being in the future.

Unlike most background services, Integrity Validations Inc does not use database records, as they prove to be unethical, unreliable and inaccurate methods of obtaining critical information.  The records you receive back will assist you in making informed hiring decisions and safeguard your company against any potential harm.



You may wonder why it is necessary to perform criminal background checks… is it really worth the time, energy and funds?  With over one half of employment applications containing incorrect information and employee theft over 40 billion per year, employers need to safeguard their company against this type of damage.  Violent crime, drug usage, DUI, and employees on probation that you were unaware of, can open your company to lawsuits.  Many of these employees’ interview fine, and are capable of deceiving you about their true intentions, and are then hired, sometimes causing a dangerous risk to the security of your company.


Here is the real question:  Is it worth the risk of not performing Criminal Background Checks?  

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